Visiting Grandma


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Grandma lives about 3 and half hours away. This is the first overnight trip we’ve taken with Little Bean. I must admit, I was somewhat nervous. We have established a good nighttime routine with him and part of me fears disruption. What if he can’t fall asleep? How many times will he wake up in the middle of the night? Will he wake everyone up?

Well, I’m happy to say we are on night 3 and he’s sleeping like a baby! (pun intended)

We have a portacrib at the foot of our bed. He’s gone down a bit later than normal but has pretty much stuck with his 1-2 nighttime feeding schedule. Sleeping at least a 6 hour stretch each night. He’s also napped in both the portacrib and carrier.

Tonight we had him up until 10:30 PM strolling around the town fair. I thought for sure he’d sleep through the whole thing but he after a short doze, he was bright eyed and bushy tailed. I just got him home, nursed and put him down.

Here’s a few pics from our visit so far.

  • Grandma Glance 1 of 7
    Grandma Glance
  • LOVE this face! 2 of 7
    LOVE this face!
  • Nothing like a kiss from Grandma 3 of 7
    Nothing like a kiss from Grandma
  • Bright Eyed at the Fair 4 of 7
    Bright Eyed at the Fair
  • Big Brother and Big Cousin 5 of 7
    Big Brother and Big Cousin
  • The Boys on Grandpa’s Chair 6 of 7
    The Boys on Grandpa's Chair
  • Napping on Grandma’s Deck 7 of 7
    Napping on Grandma's Deck