Vivi the Cheese Whiz (Video)


It’s so obvious she’s the daughter of a photographer.

Somebody must have her picture taken a lot.

So yes, it’s true. I shoot my baby a lot. But I swear I’m not obnoxious in doing it. I call for her attention now and then but I don’t beg her to smile or pose. I generally just lie there on the floor with my camera and snap a few shots here and there of her just being a regular old baby.

But something happens when a cell phone is held up to Vivi, specifically by my husband. She turns into the cheesiest, smiley-est baby to ever army crawl the face of the Earth.

I have video evidence after the jump.

She doesn’t smile like this for my camera and she very rarely smiles like this for my own cell phone. But for Cody? It’s all grins and gums. How can you not adore a little face that turns into one enormous smile complete with scrunchy eyes and snorts? You can’t. It’s not possible.


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