Vivi's 17th and 18th Week of 2012

Whoops! Fell a little behind. An emotional slump and two birthdays six days apart will do that to you. I still managed to take photos, I’ve noticed the more mobile Vivi becomes, the more photos I get of the back of her head. Gone are the days of her sitting there smiling at me, here are the days of her grabbing for my camera and ignoring me. She’s such a marvelous little baby, as summer gets closer and Addie is only a few days away from having the entire summer off I’m filled with both excitement and anxiety. Excitement for the places we can go and the things we can do, things we couldn’t do last year because Vivi was so little and unpredictable. Anxiety from keeping up with all my responsibilities and keeping the two littles entertained. Thankfully Vivi and Addie are each others favorite toys I think I should be okay.

Weeks 17 and 18 involved a marathon, two birthdays, a super snotty nose and some really good naps. Here’s two weeks in 14 photos.

  • Sunday 1 of 14
    Addie picked out Vivi's outfit for church. She may have a future as a stylist. Maybe.
  • Monday 2 of 14
    Nothing much to this one except that I love it so much. Addie calls Vivi's hair "Alien Hair" when it's done like this.
  • Tuesday 3 of 14
    I took Vivi out to lunch with me on Tuesday. I was down in the dumps and needed to get out of the house. She was a good date.
  • Wednesday 4 of 14
    She finally got a hold of a remote! Too bad it didn't actually work. (I didn't tell her that though.)
  • Thursday 5 of 14
    If Vivi's downstairs she screams upstairs, if she's upstairs she screams to the downstairs. Babies. I don't understand them.
  • Friday 6 of 14
    I knew I was going to need a photo for Vivi's first birthday, thankfully my friend sent her this adorable shirt from NYC of the 1 train. Brooklyn to the Bronx.
  • Saturday 7 of 14
    Freshly stuffed and folded cloth diapers. So pretty for something that handles such gross stuff.
  • Sunday 8 of 14
    Vivi isn't the biggest fan of balloons, but she carried this giant green one around all afternoon.
  • Monday 9 of 14
    I hung my birthday cards on the wall to get a photo of them (I was card bombed for my birthday!) Vivi took it upon herself to tear them all down.
  • Tuesday 10 of 14
    Oh, you know, just catching up on a little housework before Addie gets home.
  • Wednesday 11 of 14
    I mean, come on. Look at her looking at him! They're even sitting the same way!
  • Thursday 12 of 14
    This right here has become my most favorite part of the day. It's SO HARD to put her down.
  • Friday 13 of 14
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! Wow. One year. I still can't believe she's a year old.
  • Saturday 14 of 14
    Not sure why she's so grouchy looking in this photo, maybe because her dad smells so bad after just running the Indianapolis half marathon.

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