Vivi's First Family Vacation.


Perhaps you were on pins and needles to find out about Vivi’s seventh week of 2012, I can assure you that’s coming but this week has been HUGE CRAZY BUSY. (What is it with February? It’s as thought it’s accidentally been the busiest month of the year for the last four years.) I’m currently at a resort in Panama City Beach, Florida filled with very lovely senior citizens escaping the cold dreary humdrums of a Midwestern winter.

I called this our first family vacation today at lunch and Cody argued my logic.

Since Vivi has come along she has been to Chicago and San Diego with me, but not her sister or dad. We’ve all gone to Utah but we stayed with family and did family stuff. This is the first time all four of us have struck out on our own for a trip longer than a visit to the mall. Even when it was only Addie we never took a week long vacation just the three of us. We did go to Disneyworld but we brought my parents and sister along so that didn’t completely count either.

It’s awfully cold and windy here but the forecast looks promising and aside from some severe recovery we need to do from the 13 hour overnight drive to get here, we’re poised to have a wonderful time together over the next 7 days.

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