Voracious Vivi


Did you ever see those ads that had a darling little girl holding up her fist and it said something like “A toddler’s stomach is only the size of her fist, fill it well.” or something like that? Well I have a hard time believing that Vivi’s stomach is a whole lot bigger than a toddler’s fist and yet I watched her pack food away like a squirrel preparing for hibernation. It’s true that she’s been eating more and more table food in grander and greater variety and texture, but this morning I’m watching her play on the floor and just waiting for it to come squeezing out her pajamas or nose because surely there’s no way her stomach fit all of that.

Her meals lately have come in courses, since I make a majority of her food myself I’ll thaw a few ice cubes here, smash up a banana there, throw in a few bits of cereal. But today it went from a giant bowl full of winter squash to an equally large bowl of quinoa all followed by some cottage cheese and a little nip of juice. Surely she won’t have to eat for the rest of the day. (Lies, she’ll be hungry in an hour.)

Watching everything that goes into her, knowing she’ll be cutting back on formula, makes it all that much more apparent that the quality of what goes in is super important. Where it’s tempting to fill in the hunger gaps I experience with (let’s be honest) crap on occasion, there’s no filling babies with crap. It’s fun to see her try new things and have her actually like them. In the coming weeks more and more things will be introduced to her and reintroduced to my family…I’ve fallen by the wayside when it comes to cooking full on proper meals for them and this baby’s eating habits are about to change all of that.

Thanks baby.

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