Warning: Texting With A Baby Over A Certain Age May Take An Hour Or Two

A simple text is not so simple with a baby.

Remember my adorable post on “Textfeeding?” I already wrote about how that period of my life is over, but just in case, Fuzz will not let me forget it, ever. Gone are the days when I could reply to my friend who was also nursing across the country, and the other one across town. Gone are the days of just checking and replying to a quick work e-mail. I can’t even write a simple reply text to my husband while nursing, or even just sitting on the couch with the baby.

Yesterday, I attempted to write: “paper towels” to my husband, who had gone shopping. It took a lot of dodging Fuzz and lifting the phone up and out of the way, thus writing “Papal Toss” instead (thank you, autocorrect). By the time I hit send on a text that actually made sense, my husband had already left the store.

Other times, when a response of “Yes,” or “No” is required ASAP, I can barely type the letters before he has the phone in his mouth.

This reminds me of when I was trying to get the laundry to the machine, but the Fuzz was blocking the doorway, thus making it totally impossible to do anything at all.

This is just another example of how no one understands how doing the simplest tasks become super complex when you have a baby.

Some days, I throw up my hands, lie down on the floor and let my baby crawl all over me. How about you?

Photo Credit: William Hook/Flickr