Was That a Smile?


All I asked for this Mother’s Day is a smile.

This morning I think my present came early.

After Little Bean and I dropped the kindergartner off at the bus stop we chatted for a bit. He was awake and very alert. I’m noticing he’s falling into somewhat of a schedule having his most lucid moments around 9AM and 6PM.

Since these awake times are still few and far between (although becoming more frequent) I try to soak them up as much as possible. So this morning I laid him in the boppy, grabbed the camera and tried so desperately to get him to smile at me.

At first he was just alert, although making good eye contact….

Then I started the baby talk…

A little nose rub aaaand…

a belly tickle did it!

I mean just look at THAT!

Nothing makes ME smile more!

However….. this level of interaction did not last long. The rest of day he was is normal contemplative self…

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