Watch Out Dried Fruit-Aisle: Here Comes Baby with a Shopping Cart (VIDEO)

Baby Does Her Grocery Shopping - Sovereign | Santander
Work it!

My little Peony likes riding around in supermarket shopping carts. She waves to everyone who does and doesn’t make eye contact with her. She grabs breakable items when my back is turned in an attempt to throw them on the ground to see what happens (I hope I’m not spoiling the surprise, but, they break). She babbles. She beams. She acts like shopping cart riding is her job.

However, when she starts walking one of these days (please no day soon, God), I have no doubt she will prefer supermarket running to supermarket riding. After all, supermarkets are way more fun when you don’t have a silly cart holding you back.

Just watch what happens when this toddler is given free reign in the supermarket. And let this be a word of caution to my local supermarket: Peony is crawling and cruising like a pro. Walking is only a matter time.

Check this out:

Source: The Huffington Post

Photo & video credit: YouTube

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