7 Ways Online Communities Can Be Helpful to New Moms

A great way to find support!

Online communities have been around for what seems like ages now, but I didn’t really get involved in any mom communities until I was pregnant with my oldest son.

I dove into the due date message boards, the Cafemom groups and all the other boards you are essentially told you need to be a part of.

Here I am years later after my third child and I have given them up altogether. Sure they were helpful and sometimes hurtful but I just don’t have time to keep up anymore.

During the time that I was actually able to keep up I learned a lot though.

I wanted to dedicate two posts this week to these kinds of communities. One positives post… all the benefits of these communities. And then of course I would like to do the flip side as well.

I figured I had to start with the positive side of things first — because of course if I started with the negative I would be roasted immediately about not including the good right?  Come on, its a fact of blogging!

Moms!  Chime in!  What is your favorite POSITIVE thing about being part of an online community?

  • Real Life Friendships 1 of 7
    Real Life Friendships
    Even though you meet someone online, or maintain your friendship with them on the computer... it is possible to hold real life friendships.
    These communities are a great place to make these friendships!
  • Eye Opening! 2 of 7
    Eye Opening!
    These communities are eye opening to different cultures and ways of parenting!
    If I could rewind a couple years I would have never known about cloth diapers or a wide array of alternative parenting choices.
    It helps moms to be more open minded and look outside the box.
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  • Support 3 of 7
    Sometimes it is hard for women to realize they have a problem, or to ask for help or advice on something that may be embarrassing.
    A very special online community helped me realize I had postpartum depression after the birth of my middle son and helped me to know there is nothing wrong with asking for help.
    This is so valuable in our society today!
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  • Diagnose Me! 4 of 7
    Diagnose Me!
    Does your baby have a strange rash?
    Do you think there is something wrong with this never-ending pain you have?
    Maybe someone on your message board has been through it before and a simple post about it could convince some of you stubborn moms to actually go to the doctor!
    Or better yet -- bring your baby to the doctor!
    Of course you shouldn't be seeking medical advice from strangers or someone without a degree!
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  • Don’t Worry About Over Sharing! 5 of 7
    Don't Worry About Over Sharing!
    In an online community with a ton of proud moms, you don't have to worry about being THAT mom who is always over sharing on Facebook.
    Just resist the urge to post, sign into your community and post your exciting baby related news there!
  • Let It Out! 6 of 7
    Let It Out!
    Don't worry about complaining online... sometimes venting on a message board is the PERFECT place for it!
    Often it will be a safe and private place for us to air real life frustrations.
    And believe me, once you air them out, most of the time you feel SO MUCH BETTER!
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  • Get Your News! 7 of 7
    Get Your News!
    You will always be in the know if you have an active community!
    Miss an episode of Teen Mom? Not paying close attention to the election news?
    Don't worry! Your Mom board will bring it all right to you and you won't even have to worry about opening your internet browser!

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