We Are Headed to the Eye Doctor For the Blocked Tear Duct


For nearly six months we’ve been dealing with a blocked tear duct in Avery’s right eye. I noticed it the day after she was born. It was crusty, wouldn’t stop tearing, and always looked a little bit swollen.

Every month at Avery’s well visit our pediatrician has asked about the progress of the blocked tear duct and every time I have to tell her that it’s about the same as it was the month prior. Although this past month I had to share the news with her that it had gotten worse. A couple days a week Avery will wake up with her eye almost swollen shut and crusty. It doesn’t seem to bother her, but it breaks my heart to see that she can barely open her eye. I sit with her with a wet washcloth and clean it up and wait for the swelling to go down before we start our day.

Usually blocked tear ducts clear on their own, but Avery’s hasn’t yet. I massage it near the nasal passage a couple times a day to try to clear whatever gunk (because I don’t know the medical term for it and that’s what it looks like) is inside of her eye. Thankfully that doesn’t seem to bother her either, and she is always a champ.

Since her eye has gotten worse over the past month, her pediatrician has advised us that we need to see an eye doctor for it. To be completely honest, I am terrified. It terrifies me that none of the “normal” ways to clear up the tear duct are working and that it only seems to be getting worse. I’ve tried all of the methods to help clear it that people have suggested to me, but unfortunately nothing is working.

I’m not sure what to expect from the eye doctor, honestly. From what I’ve been told, I shouldn’t expect for him to suggest surgery just yet. We go next week for the initial consultation and we will see where to go from there.

If you have had a little one with a persistent blocked tear duct, I’d love to hear your story or advice. Any specific questions I’d should ask the doctor? I’m all ears!

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