We Call it "Being a Lizard"


While it certainly hasn’t been remotely close to a bad winter in the Midwest, it has still been a dreary one. Vivi and I roam about the house looking for the sunniest patches and spending all our time in them until they move to the other side of the house. Obviously I know Vivi is my baby, but never had she so thoroughly proven herself to be my offspring than when she went straight for the sunniest window in our hotel, laid down and played lizard.

Lizard is when you lie in a sunny patch on the floor, normally I’d call it being a cat but something in our cats is broken and they much prefer under the bed as opposed to a warm sunny patch. Last winter was one of the worst I had ever seen as far as freezing temperatures and ice storms so when a little sliver of sunlight came through our windows Addie would run through the house screaming “TIME TO BE LIZARDS!”

And that’s exactly what we’d do.

Lie in the sunny patch and feel our insides thaw.

If I’ve taught my girls nothing else in life, I’ve taught them the importance of lying in the sunny spots.

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