We Have a Crawler! [Video]

Next comes the steps!

Addie is officially mobile!

This weekend I finally caught her actually crawling! After three failed attempts to get it on video or catch her doing it at all I finally got it. The first time I was vacuuming my living room floor and I turned around and there she was pulling on the vacuum cord.

Typical kid… she wants to try and play with things that she really has no business touching at all. And you will see that in the video.

I tried to entice her with the rubber ducky. One of her favorite toys. No dice.

Then when I offered up big brothers “stinky shoe” she was hesitant because of the camera — but when she thought I had finally turned it off she came inching across our living room floor.

If you watch her technique carefully, it looks like she wants to stand up and start running which scares me to death. I foresee a lot of pulling up on coffee tables and first steps very soon.

Where did my baby go?

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