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We Have a Diva on Our Hands…

By Selena Mae |

La La lalalala LAAaaaaaAAAAaaa!

Otherwise known as a magical boob leaking maker. (And this is a good thing…)

With lungs of an Opera singer she wails sings to the high heavens.

With a passionate voice she yodels to the mountain tops.

Give me boob, get me out of this car-seat, I have gas, change my bum.

These are her top reasons to throw back her head and render us all slaves.

Yes, I know this is how newborns/babies communicate – and yes she is catered to immediately.

For several reasons. Because she needs me/us to and because I can’t bear to hear her cry. She’s just a wee lass yet! Also?

Because my boobs immediately start to break the dam. No, not like an angry beavers game.

Like tiny pangs of sharp sprockets shooting down from my upper breast, (more than slightly uncomfortable, sometimes but not always painful) expressing the mikly flow.

Who’s with me on this? Do you have immediate physical and mental reactions to your nube’s cries? The internets tell me this is normal, and I remember it occurring with my boy.

Although not so much the leaky boob part, given my struggles with bf’ing the first time around.

About these tears. These are not just everyday baby cries. Oh no. There have a distinct diva-esque tone to them. Oh, yes. I can snuff it. So can her bro. He does not get upset or annoyed by her hollering, perse – but rather, mystified.

Watching in wonder, with eyes wide like saucers and looking at us as if to say, ‘WHOA. Mom and Dad, she’s in charge!’

You must be super impressed by my telepathic skills with my children. Wait. I know you have it too. If you are a momma…right?

Mark my words…is she’s anything like me – oh boy. Are we in for some…sauce and feist! Charisma. Sure. Be still my heart. Go on with your bad self, my girl.

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Selena Mae

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5 thoughts on “We Have a Diva on Our Hands…

  1. Jen says:

    I never had the full on spray, but the aching ohhh ouch. The worst was while driving on a shoulderless highway, trying to find somewhere to pull of before my boob exploded

  2. Meagan says:

    Mine seems to come on at random, and always hurts like my nipples are being pokedbwith needles. I actually sort of welcome it though, because it’s usually when I’m trying to fend him off for a few minutes during cluster feeding, and it means I might finally have enough milk to satisfy him. Oh, and yes, I leak everywhere and constantly.

    I love the mural in the background! Did you paint it? Decals?

  3. Grace M. says:

    This is a truly fabulous post. So funny!
    And yes, I leaked every time my kiddo cried in the beginning. It amused my hubby.

  4. Alexis says:

    LOL…….My boobs did the same ache when my lil Abbie cries also……

  5. Kathy says:

    Haha!! I also let down when my babies cried so I got used to it. After 5 months of breastfeeding my eldest son, we visited my brand new niece and I let down when she cried. My youngest son and my nephew are 3 weeks apart but he didn’t gie me nearly the reaction his sister did. She’s a bit of a diva too…

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