We Have a Smile!


baby's first smileHey! We have a smile! Exactly on the six-week mark, we have a definite amused facial expression that’s not directly the result of a burp!

Most often, the smile appears when Penelope is mashing her face onto Abby’s, murmuring “Hey, baby. Hey. Hi hi hi baby. Mwah.” Very good-natured, my little newbie. Some babies might object, but she only gets perturbed when her little arm is actually getting crushed under the weight of too much toddler love. Otherwise she’s perfectly content to have me hold her up between Penny’s arms as if she were being toted around by a toddler.

I remember the wait for that first smile being much longer last time. Well, it was Penny was a preemie, and came home a month before her due date, so it was actually, what, ten weeks? Twelve? Before I got any feedback other than “okay, I’ll stop crying.” This newborn’s a piece of cake, comparatively.

Not that she’s so easy. Six to eight p.m. marks a definite witching “hour” but it’s not bad. A little fussiness that we seem to be able to handle. All in all, a good six weeks.