We Have A Tooth!

Showing off his new pearly white!

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about how Cullen was showing all the typical signs of teething.  Drooling, chewing, rosy cheeks, interrupted sleep – we had it all.  But teething is so different for each individual baby, and it seemed like so many babies exhibited all these same signs but didn’t sprout a tooth until close to 8 or 9 months.

I assumed Cullen would be the same way, and stopped worrying about it.  So imagine my surprise when he was fussing a few days ago, and I looked down to see a pearly white patch popping through his bottom gums!

Ladies, and gents, we have a legit tooth.  It’s white, it’s sharp, and it is most definitely on it’s way out.  I can’t believe he cut his first tooth just a few days shy of three months.  It seems so early, and to be totally honest I kind of wish he wasn’t cutting teeth quite so early.  I feel very unprepared, especially as I know that the rest of them will come more quickly now that it has started.

These days he frantically chews on everything within his reach, and I’m carrying teething beads with me everywhere I go.  Here’s hoping I can keep him comfortable and happy as this new adventure begins!

How old was your little one when the first tooth arrived?

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