Weaning Off the Bottle


zeke nursing bottleWith the last 3 kids, weaning off the bottle has been nothing. At 6 months, we introduced the sippy cup and then come a year, when it was time to graduate from bottle to full-time sippy cup, it was nothing. Well, then we had Zeke.

Zeke has been a bottle baby since he was born. I tried to nurse, but like the last 3 kids – my milk production was nada. So since, he didn’t nurse with me, he nursed the bottle. Every night he has found comfort in having a bottle before bed and every morning, a bottle is the first item on his breakfast menu. He took quickly to sippy cups and straws, but try taking the bottle away and you are going to hear about it!

I keep telling my hubs that he’s only 11 months and we shouldn’t worry about it. He keeps reminding me that just because he’s the baby of the family, I can’t keep him a baby forever – in which I cry and search the interwebs for ways to keep him a baby (yeah, I’ll let you know when I find an answer).   Part of me, I know is holding back from going full on sippy cup, but the other part is saying, it’s not like he’s 4 with a bottle! He has never taken a pacifier, so if this is what he wants – so be it.

Last night, I fed him his dinner. Before bed, I made him formula in a sippy cup. He took no interest in it. I laid him down, and 30 minutes later he was screaming. The baby only screams if he has a dirty diaper. No dirty diaper, I knew what he wanted. I gave in – he had his bottle and then drifted to sleep for 12 hours, not fussing or crying – just sleeping like a baby.

When Did You Wean Your Baby Off the Bottle? 

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