Weathering The Storm

lakefront baby
Fuzz on the shore

We’re here on Lake Champlain, where yesterday, we thought the storm would barely hit us. Now they say she’s headed directly our way. Yesterday, just to be safe, we spent some time at the waterfront securing our sailboat and pulling our dingy out of the water. It was hard to believe it with our sunny skies and calm waters.

Today, it’s…well it’s stormy out there! This morning we spend huddled up in our cabin just watching the downpour. We managed to get Fuzz down for a nap, with my husband (lucky him, right?) while I spent some time with Shnook alternately watching Winnie the Pooh, playing with trains, and making/eating oatmeal.

That was great until the Fuzz woke up. We needed another plan. We were developing a real case of cabin fever. Actual cabin fever. We put on rain gear, got into the car and headed south to Burlington to see what the rest of civilization was doing. Shnook really wanted to go to the mall to ride those ridiculous toys that shake back and forth for $.75. We don’t even put money in them, he’s happy just to pretend to be selling ice cream or fly in a helicopter.  What the heck, we may as well try to venture out, right?  We figured, if we were the only car on the road, we’d turn around and head home. We’ve got rain tires, we can do it!!

Not only were we not the only car, but I’m currently fighting for bandwidth at the local Barnes and Noble. Apparently we weren’t the only ones going a little stir crazy in our homes. It’s still pouring buckets out there, and it might be getting worse, so this excursion could be a short one, but I’m glad I got a little time to do some work.

Are you in the path of Irene? How are you weathering the storm yourselves?


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