Well, It Finally Happened

Can you imagine this sweet boy face down on the floor? Oh my heart.

If you have more than one child you know. You know that at some point your beloved bundle of joy is going to fall. It happens to the best of us. We turn our heads for just a split second and BOOM. Baby down.

It doesn’t matter how vigilant you are, it’s just that babies have a way of slowly becoming mobile and BAM, when we least expect it they roll over for the first time – right off the changing table. Or the bed. Or the couch.

Today it happened to me and I just wanted to die.  Take me, Lord, for I have failed this child.

For the past month we’ve been propping Henry in between cushions on the couch and placing a boppy or a few pillows around him to keep him in a sitting position.  But the kid?  He’s an effing acrobat!  I told you breastfeeding him is like trying to foist myself upon a feral cat, right?  Well this kid acts like he’s already trying to walk.  I’m totally screwed, I know.  If he’s this active at three months can you imagine him in toddlerhood?

My milk just completely dried up at the thought.

So anyway, I prop him on the couch with his pillows.  Violet’s also there, standing in front of the couch dancing to Dora The Damn Explorer, as usual.  This is the routine every morning while I unload the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen from breakfast.  I can see them from the kitchen so it’s no big deal.  Violet never really acknowledges Henry because she’s so enraptured by aforementioned explorer.

I finished cleaning the kitchen and since the kids were so peacefully engrossed I figured I’d sneak down the hall and vacuum Violet’s bedroom.  Just for a second!  Truly, it only takes but one minute to vacuum her room.

Famous last words.

I was halfway finished when I felt a little hand tugging at my shirt.  I looked down to see Violet with an upset expression on her face so I turned off the vaccum.

“Don’t cry, it’s okay”, she said to me.  “It’s okay!”  This means something is wrong.  And then I heard what was wrong.  Henry was screaming that scream.  You know the one.  The Really Awful Baby In Pain Scream – similar to the sound he made when getting his shots.

Oh my God, the horror.  I ran down the hall on rubbery legs and found him face down on the floor near the couch.  I picked him up and comforted him through my own tears as I silently berated myself for such stupidity.

How could I leave him alone on the couch like that?  Well, he sits there all the time and is totally fine!  But he’s becoming increasingly more mobile, I should’ve known he would wiggle off at some point.

The thought crossed my mind that Violet might have pulled him down but I don’t think so.  She’s just never done anything like that before and she immediately came and grabbed me when he fell.

I’m totally hating myself for being so stupid.

What about you?  Got any stories that might help a guilt-ridden mama feel a little bit better?

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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