Were You Vaccinated In the Hospital?


When I was getting ready for discharge from the hospital two weeks ago, my OB/GYN came in and talked to me about all of my discharge instructions, and then towards the end of the conversation she offered, and highly suggested my husband and I get a booster shot, specifically the DTaP vaccine.

Mostly because of the pertussis vaccine included in the booster shot.  Apparently there is a rise in whooping cough again, and because our daughter is so small she is even more susceptible to any adult or child that could pass whooping cough on to her.

My husband and I both opted to have the shot, and we know that both of our boys already have it even though we selectively vaccinate them. It was one we felt was important because of the protection it offers against whooping cough, especially with a baby coming into the house.

I have to admit though, I was kind of shocked to hear them suggesting this to adults!  I mean, I can’t even think of the last time anyone suggested booster shots for adults. We always hear a huge push to keep our children vaccinated, and up to date on their routine vaccinations, but never once do we hear a push for adults, who are the most out of date and likely to pass along the same diseases we are blaming the unvaccinated, and selectively vaccinated children.

Just was one of those moments for me that made me say hmmmmmm!

Did you get the DTaP vaccine in the hospital before you were discharged with your new baby?

photo: Point Public Affairs

Vaccine Information: Required for Kids Aged 0-6 Years-Old