We've Found Our Nap Time Sleep Solution


Remember that time I was going crazy because Avery wasn’t napping AT ALL during the day?  I think I can finally say that those days are now behind us (at least for now.)

I tried everything to get Avery to nap during the day. I looked through each one of your suggestions and tried them all. From baby wearing, to long walks in the stroller, to the swing. Nothing was working.

I’m beginning to think that I was over thinking it all and making it incredibly difficult on myself, because the solution that I’ve found to help her sleep was super easy and, so far, it’s worked every time.

My secret to Avery’s nap time success? Swaddling. I know, genius right? I have no idea why I never thought about that before. Avery loves to be swaddled at night for bed, which has helped her sleep through the night for a while now. My oldest daughter hated swaddling, so it never occured to me to use what works at night during the day time too! It wasn’t until last week that I thought to try it out for nap time as well.

I try to mimic some of our bedtime routine to get her to take a nap and it seems to be working so far. I swaddle her up, nurse her, rock her, and then put her down. The routine is going so well that I’ve even had to wake her up from her afternoon nap because she was sleeping so long (I worried she wouldn’t sleep at night.)

I couldn’t be happier that I finally figured out how to get that little girl to nap during the day. For now, at least. I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before she goes and changes things up on me again.


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