What Are Your Favorite Songs? [VIDEO]


A little over a month ago, I filmed Huck and myself singing some of our favorite little songs to send off to grandchild-starved grandparents. And then, in a classic Natalie move, I never actually sent the video. (Hi mom! Sorry!)

Songs are funny things. Somehow, quite accidentally, songs can become bigger than themselves. Like how we sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” before every nap, “Moon River” every night before bed, and how whenever I sing the songs I used to sing as a kid it always feels especially weird in the most delightful kind of way.

After the jump, a quick video of some of our favorite songs. (And you’re in luck, grandparents! Huck finally says hello!) (And can you believe how much smaller he was then?!)


Now you tell me–what are your favorite songs to sing with your babies?

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