What did You Panic About as a New Parent?


suspicious baby.
I swore I was going to be a laid back parent. None of that high strung new mom stuff for me! I was going to go with the flow, not panic about anything and raise a really cool kid.

Then I wrote out three pages of instructions for the babysitter. Single spaced. I was only going to be gone two hours.

I’d like to go back to 2005 Casey and tell her to chill the heck out.

New baby new start right? A chance to be that laid back mom knowing everything will turn out a-ok and that there’s no need to panic about anything? Yeah, tell that to four days postpartum Casey, who just happened to hurl a binky so hard across the bedroom it lodged itself behind a dresser. *ehem*

Knowing I’m not the only one who panicked unnecessarily the first time around I took it to twitter and asked my friends about the new mom crazies. Here are some of the answers I received…

What did you panic about the first time around that turned out just fine in the end?


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