What Did You Think of Up All Night?


Up All Night Promo NBC reviewUp All Night is a new series on NBC that premiered this week.  It stars Christina Applegate and Will Arnett, as cute new parents working to find the balance of a new baby, work and their home life.  New mom, Reagan, is going back to work while dad, Chris is going to be a stay-at-home dad.

I missed the pilot -— it was on at 10pm Wednesday and I had been in bed for hours —- but I just watched the preview online… 

It’s funny because like many new parents, we can definitely relate to the show on many levels.  Even though we don’t call my husband a stay-at-home dad, he’s currently at home with Wolf while I’m back at work.  I wish the tables were turned but this is our life right now.  Watching the preview made me giggle thinking about dad/baby scenarios with Wolf.  I imagine the two of them being silly together during the day.  But there’s quite a few elements of the show that I find unbelievable.  The swearing, the partying?  A bit too much.

Did you watch the show?  What do you think?  I like where it’s headed and I’m excited to watch more episodes.  Next week Up All Night will air in its regularly scheduled time slot, 8:00 p.m. ET on Wednesdays.  If you missed the pilot episode you can watch it online at