What Do You Mean My Hair Will Fall Out??

Gasping Squirrel
No one told me!

I remember when I learned that you don’t get your period during pregnancy. I think I was in high school and had really horribly painful periods at the time. That seemed like a really good deal and I filed it away for when I was ready to start a family. I thoroughly enjoyed not having my period for 10 months, even if that was the only thing I enjoyed about pregnancy. But, no one told me that it all catches up with you at the end, when you bleed for 4 to 6 straight weeks after your delivery AND you can’t use tampons. If you break that down, it is basically all the periods you missed in the first place– that is TOTALLY BOGUS! A lot of things about life postpartum are unfair, and nobody tells you most of it.

Ceridwen Morris posted a great list of 9 Postpartum Recovery Issues No One Likes to Talk About. I have to admit to being completely clueless about those horrible involution cramps. They hit me like a ton of bricks. The hair loss was a total bummer too. That’s just started for me this time around. I keep finding strands of hair wrapped around Fuzz’s fingers.

Did you know about all these issues? How did you handle them?

Photo Credit: tomitapio/Flickr