What I Wore: Post-Partum Style


There isn’t much I dread more in fashion than these months we not-so-lovingly call the “transition wear” period. The time post-partum when we hate our bodies and hate everything in the closet and can’t really buy anything while our bodies figure out where the heck everything goes. My lungs just finally figured out they don’t need to be in my throat anymore.

Pre-pregnancy things don’t fit, maternity things make us look, well, maternity. We gave birth, we have been there, done that, and don’t really want to look pregnant {even though we still do, and will, for a while, dangit}.

My baby is 3-weeks-old now and I was able to get some jeans on. WINNING.  They aren’t maternity jeans, but they were bought for pregnancy (i.e. I bought a much bigger size to fit a growing 2nd trimester belly), so no “I got into my pre-pregnancy jeans y’all!” props to me.

I’m just impressed with myself that I got out of the yoga pants and into some eyeliner.

This week’s “What I Wore” is mostly featuring my sweet baby girl in one of the gorgeous ring slings I have. No part of my outfit is even super visible because I had to bounce River constantly because she wanted to cry instead of pose. I prefer to wear her than any other brand, so it’s fine by me. :)

{{Click over to see where I got the sling and the rest of my outfit!}}