What I'll Miss the Most


I’ll be honest, I miss being able to set Vivi down in one location with a bunch of toys and having her powerless to move anywhere. When babyproofing was nothing but a concept spelled out in books and the fear of her chasing the cats was unimaginable. She was also much easier to take pictures of in those days as well. Now she’s just a giant blurry blob and I can really only get photos of the back of her head these days.

I won’t miss washing hundreds of bottles a day, nor will I miss swaddling (I mean, they’re cute when they’re swaddled, but when they break out in the middle of the night and refuse to go back to sleep? That gets old fast.) I’m also quite happy that she’s stopped eating every little bit of gunk off the floor (specifically cat food.) However there are some things that I am going to miss HORRIBLY. So horribly in fact that to even think about them I get all teared up and weepy. It also gives me an overwhelming desire to sneak into her room and hold her forever and ever (Cody would get really mad at me though, the baby, she needs her baby beauty sleep.)

Rocking her to sleep and holding a sleeping baby will easily top the list of what I’ll miss the most. I can still remember the last time Addie let me rock her to sleep. She didn’t even fall asleep completely before she asked to be put in her bed BY HERSELF. Stupid kids, they should never learn to live without their moms, or how to speak. Ever. Another thing that will be hard to give up is babywearing. Let’s be honest, my baby is 25 pounds, she’s not going to fit in a carrier forever. My back has even reached its limit with some carriers for an extended period of time. Thankfully I have friends who let me borrow their babies to wear, it’s like a drug to me, I have to have my babywearing fix.

OH! And her baby noises. I never realized just how much Addie talks until the baby came along with all her cute incoherent noises. Sure it’s fantastic when she learns new words, but that also means she’s one word closer to bossing me around and asking me for a pretzel at the mall. Sweet baby singing noises make my heart flutter and my knees weak, I’ll miss them horribly as well.

To all you moms who are just starting out? Take pictures of everything, even if they’re crappy and you don’t have makeup on. Take them and never look at them until months later when you can appreciate a precious moment caught in time. Take video if you can, take video of everything. Even if it seems outrageously boring. There will be a time when watching your baby stare at toys will bring you to tears that they were ever so small and helpless.

Man, this coming to an end here at Baby’s First Year has me all full of bossy advice and nostalgia. Sorry about that, but I mean it…pictures. Of everything. (Thank me later.)

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