What Is The Deal With The Pacifier?

Baby sucking pacifier
Fuzzball complete with pacifier

The pacifier is a funny thing. In the first few weeks it’s considered a bad thing, because it can cause nipple confusion and interfere with milk supply. Then it’s considered a really good thing since it helps babies sooth themselves, and cuts SIDS risk by 90%. Then suddenly, pacifiers are bad again when they promote bad speech, crooked teeth, and early weaning. I know that sweet spot in the middle is worth it for lots of moms to cross the other bridges later on. Now that my milk supply is fully established, I’ve been trying to give Fuzz the paci more often.

My first baby didn’t take it, and I tried a lot of different kinds, multiple times.  So I was stuck with the boob-only approach, which was great for my milk supply, but not so good for me. I would put the paci in Shnook’s mouth and he would suck for thirty seconds and then spit it out. After nine times of that, I would just give up. So far, Fuzz has been the same way. Sometimes, it seems like he’s trying to take it out himself with his hand, or maybe, he’s trying to shove it back in, but the sucking part seems to last less than a minute. How did your baby take a pacifier? Did he or she just start sucking and that was that, or was it a more challenging process?