What Mama Wears to Mexico: Why Oh Why Haven't I Been Working Out.

You KNEW I was bringing a jumpsuit. Just one!

So I got a last minute invite to go on this amazing all-expenses-paid trip to Mazatlan. What the what? Right? Well, this mama is not beach-ready if you know what I’m sayin’. So I’ve been doing a little shopping (and window shopping) and pulling some stuff out of the closet to scrape together a trip wardrobe appropriate for the vaca but also mama-friendly for my return to reality. Did I mention that I am going alone? Meaning no husband and children? Just me, a bunch of jet-setting bloggers and a shrimp bucket? OMG. Pinch me. OK. Here’s what’s in my suitcase. What else do I need? #wevisitmexico

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    This swimsuit from Target was surprisingly not horrible.
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    Love this floppy Hat for poolside, need something else a bit sporty (and big, I have a VERY VERY large head)
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    This cover-up looks pretty enough to wear around town and out for a casual dinner.
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    Hater of the jumpsuit, what can I say? Except this is the most flatter piece of clothing I own right now. So chic.
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    My fav T from Dowdy Studio should make me feel like a warrior while I zipline through the jungle and/or chicken out and drink margaritas.
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    A pretty scarf is great for tying back hair at the beach or dressing up at night.
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    My friends are all raving about these comfy and stylish Worishofer Slingback Sandals. They arrive today! Should be perfect for day and night.
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    A killer wrapdress works pretty much for any occasion and is universally flattering. Love this tribal print.
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    A skirt perfect of a Tex or Mex. and only $12.50
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    Forever21 has a ton of cute tops.
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    Love this button-down for a little break from the sun.