What My Babies Owe to Boston

Saucer Eyes wearing a Boston Red Sox cap.
Saucer Eyes proudly wears a Boston Red Sox cap.

He doesn’t know why he’s wearing this hat today.

Someday, when he and his baby brother are older, I’ll explain to them that Boston is where their mommy and daddy fell in love. In a town brimming with single young people, our story surely wasn’t unique — dinners in the North End, drinks in Allston-Brighton and movies at the theater on the Common, all splurges on his nonexistent income as a grad student and my modest pay as a newspaper intern.

Two truly unique things came out of our heady, Boston-based courtship: two wonderful little people born years later and hundreds of miles away.

When we take our children to Boston — and we will — we’ll share our personal history in a historic city full of hope and heroism. We will show them that Boston is about love.


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