What The World Needs Now Is More Cool Stuff

Just 'cause he's cute.

Last week I blogged a little about the Biggest Baby Shower event in NYC and getting to listen to a seminar by Dr. Sears on the value of Omega-3s for pregnant and nursing mothers. Remember? Those were good times huh.

As soon as Dr. Sears had finished up, I made a bee-line for the sponsor area. I LOVE a good sponsor area. I look at it like speed dating mixed with antiquing: at each table you get to chat up a very attractive PR rep for a product you may or may not be interested in, and then you get to handle the products themselves and start the haggling process in your mind, “Now how am I going to convince them to give me a couple more samples?”

After the jump, a few of the new-to-me products I can see giving a whirl in my parenting arsenal (and a few that had me going, “Are you fer rills?” in my best Utah accent).

  • THUMBS DOWN: Bumbo Cover 1 of 5
    THUMBS DOWN: Bumbo Cover
    Seriously, the Bumbo only works because of how incredibly simple it is. It's a foam seat . . . for your kid . . . to sit in. Please don't try to sell me a wildly colored cotton cover that I will have to wrestle with to get it on and off, and which also requires washing machine rotations. The point of the Bumbo is its friendliness with a bleach wipe, am I not correct in this assumption?? (Thumbs up, though, for the Bumbo tray attachment doohicker. Duh, that's genius.)
  • THUMBS UP: Hold On Handles 2 of 5
    THUMBS UP: Hold On Handles
    In the city, if you have more than one kid you have a double stroller. If you have more than two kids you have a double stroller and a ride board. If you have more than three kids you move to Jersey. Just kidding. A lot of my friends' oldest kids are just reaching the independent stage where they don't want to sit in the stroller and they don't want to ride on the ride board. So what's a mom to do when the sidewalks are packed and your four year old is staging a revolt and you I happen to to think the Hold-On Handle is pretty brilliant. Give your kid an anchor to the stroller (home base) (the mothership) (etc. etc.) and power through, Mama.
  • THUMBS UP: MAM Pacifiers 3 of 5
    THUMBS UP: MAM Pacifiers
    So, my kid doesn't take pacifiers. He loves to chew on them and hold them between his thumb and forefinger and analyze them with a look of intense concentration, but sucking on them? Eoesn't occur to him. Sad but true. The nice guy at the MAM table swore up and down that even a non-pacifier kid would take the MAM, so I took home a sample to try it out. The verdict? Well, he still wouldn't take it, but it did stay in his mouth better than the others do while he gnawed on it like a toothless old gold panner, so I'm going to to ahead and say, "Thumbs up, MAM!"
  • THUMBS DOWN: Mean Skin Care 4 of 5
    THUMBS DOWN: Mean Skin Care
    I discovered a line of skin creams and lotions at the sponsor area that are meant to target specific parts of the post-partum body that women commonly complain about, to aid in weight loss and elasticity and fabulousness and etc. etc. Now, I know, I get the idea: take care of your new mom skin because you're worth it, etc. I like that idea. Thumbs up to that idea! But I have a hard time with companies that sell products that isolate "problem areas," like "saggy new mom bellies!" And "big boobs that are big from lactating!" And "cellulite hips 'cause your body just produced another human being!" I mean, whether or not these products actually work (for all I know, they're miracles in a tube), the last thing we need as new moms is to obsess negatively over our bodies that have just accomplished ALL THIS WONDERFULNESS. And to pay money for marketing and packaging like this! Please. Let's be a little kinder on ourselves?
  • THUMBS UP: Magnificent Baby 5 of 5
    THUMBS UP: Magnificent Baby
    MAGNETIC! When I saw these it gave me extra reason to wish my baby were three days old still so I could have used these. GENIUS.

What have been your THUMBS UP/THUMBS DOWN parenting gadgets?

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