What To Do with Cloth Diaper Rashes?


Oh my. This is just me sitting all alone after a very rough day with a very cranky baby. I thought it was teeth or maybe just existing but it turns out it was her rear end. (Unabashed poop talk in 3 … 2 … ) So she pooped a lot today, three times, which for some moms is what happens before 10 am but in this house that’s a lot of poop. None of it was out of the ordinary, none of it seemed to cause any trouble on the way out and nothing has changed over the last, oh however long we’ve been using cloth diapers but DUDE. Baby had a rash and what’s worse (OH SO WORSE) is that it bled when I wiped her. THE TEARS AND SADNESS FROM THIS BABY!

What went wrong?

I’ve gone over everything, no new foods, no new soaps, no new … anything, really. I’ve never really dealt with diaper rash before and you guys, it’s awful! The only thing I could think to do (which would certainly make my sore rear end feel better was to air it out and fan her little fanny. I have various and assorted diaper rash potions from my monthly Bluum box delivery but then there was all this torment about not using creams or salves in cloth diapers. Sure, we have some disposables, but if my bum were that raw the last thing I would want on it is a diaper loaded with chemicals. As I panicked and fanned, panicked and fanned it dawned on me that I had bought a bunch of disposable inserts for the organic Flip diapers I love so much. PROBLEM SOLVED. I smeared some sort of bum salve with a clever name and covered her tush with a hybrid diaper (for those not hip to the cloth lingo, hybrid diapers generally have reusable covers and the option to either use biodegradable disposable inserts or a washable cloth insert) and sent her on her army crawling way. By bedtime it seemed to be much happier, SHE seemed to be much happier. We had more rear-in-the-fresh-air time, I slathered another layer of goop on her and sent her off to bed.

I have no idea what happened!

Have you ever had a rash appear as if from nowhere? What am I missing?

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