What's Birth Order Got To Do With It?

Just two Oldest Childs on the subway.

Do you believe in birth order? I believe in birth order. Ohhh, yes I do.

I am an oldest child. But not only that, I am an Oldest Child. My husband, Brandon, is a Third Child, and also he is The Baby. I feel like those of you who know much about birth order will now know exactly who we are, and the dynamic of our marriage ;).

It is one of my favorite things to do when I meet a new person: I get to know them a little bit and then see if I can guess where they fall in their family. Eighty percent of the time their personality matches their birth order. YES, that is a scientific percentage!

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Huck is, of course, a classic Oldest Child, in that he is perfect. He seems to know what I expect from him and he seems delighted to perform for me. No really, he is the easiest baby, and I count myself stinking lucky. And when I sometimes picture our inevitable second baby — the baby who will grow up to be The Second Child — I feel like I should prepare myself. Gird up my loins. Oh, those Second Children! If there is one thing a Second Child always is, it is rebellious!

(One time I was meeting a new friend, a photographer, and I was asking him all about his family, and he confessed he was the only one of his siblings who wasn’t a doctor. “WAIT!” I said. “Are you a Second Child?” and he said, “Yeah, how did you know?”)

So I was particularly fascinated to read this article on birth order and what it says about who we are and what possible science there is to it. Read it and then tell me: Do you believe in birth order? And where do you fall in your family?

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