What’s "Normal"?


A few weeks ago, when I took Tate to his 2 month check up, we went through the normal weight, height, and head measurements and talked about a few milestones that we should be expecting in the near future. Then out of the blue, our pediatrician asked something that stopped me in my tracks. “Has he started nursing every three to four hours yet?”

My response came out muddled, “Um, no. Not even close.”

Tate still cluster feeds like crazy.  He eats all morning, he eats all evening and my saving grace is that his eating schedule seems to allow him to take a solid afternoon nap and to sleep until morning. Everyone I know says things like, “Isn’t it nice how quickly they start eating at this age?” Or I’ve heard, “Aren’t you so relieved he doesn’t eat as often as he used to?” After these comments, I am left stammering because the only thing that has changed about Tate’s feeding habit is how much he eats at a time.

This of course brings up the ever asked question, What is normal? How concerned should we be when the baby deviates?