When a Day at the Beach with a Baby Isn't Such a Day at the Beach (PHOTOS)

Beach baby
If that's a snack bar over there, I'm outta here

I’m not saying all hope is lost and Peony won’t ever turn into a beach baby. I’m just saying she went to the beach and was kind of like, “What’s the big whoop?”

And as I was there with her, I was kind of like, “Yeah, when you’re 10 months old and the only thing you’re doing is eating sand, which surprisingly tastes exactly like sand, I can see why this isn’t much fun.”

She was mildly amused. But mostly bored. Still, she was still charming and adorable. So, of course, I took a few photos. Here they are:

  • Huh 1 of 7
    So you're telling me I'm supposed to put sand in here and then not eat it?
    Good luck with that.
  • What’s this thing for? 2 of 7
    What's this thing for?
    Oh, wait. I think I know . . .
  • Air guitar! 3 of 7
    Air guitar!
    Shred it up, dude.
  • What’s that over yonder? 4 of 7
    What's that over yonder?
    A snack bar, you say? Yeah, I think I'd rather be over there.
  • Cheese 5 of 7
    Don't push it. This is the best smile you're coaxing out of me on this here beach.
  • Zzzzzz 6 of 7
    Sleeping upright is actually preferable to playing on the beach at this point.
  • I’m throwing in the towel. 7 of 7
    I'm throwing in the towel.
    Done. Can we go now?

Photo credits: Meredith Carroll

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