When and What Do You Eat?

egg salad sandwich
Lucifer’s Egg Salad from

One of the challenges I’ve found in new motherhood is finding time to eat. Preparing the food is one problem and then eating it is another. If I find time to make something during Fuzz’s nap, often he’ll wake up before I get a chance to eat it. Or I’ll miraculously take a nap while he’s napping and miss my opportunity to eat. I’ve found that the easiest thing to make and eat when I’m in a pinch is a sandwich.

Sandwiches can be eaten with one hand. No utensils are required. This is helpful because when I’m sitting on the couch nursing the Fuzz, the chances of me using a fork effectively are fifty percent at best. Yes, occasionally sandwiches fall apart, and there have been many times where a chunk of avocado, a glob of mustard, or a slice of turkey will land on my baby’s head. He’s almost always covered with some form of crumbs, but he’s no worse for the wear, and at least I get to feed myself.

I became obsessed with sandwiches as the perfect ‘mom food’ when Shnook was a baby. Nursing builds up a hearty appetite and I kept finding new cool ingredients at Trader Joe’s and creating different delicious combinations. My friend and I started this blog about sandwiches made from items at Trader Joe’s.  Many of the sandwiches on the blog are way more complicated than what I’m able to slap together on a daily basis. Heck, sometimes all I can muster is a piece of cheese between two slices of bread and I call that lunch, but that’s all I need, and it’s delicious.

What’s your go-to ‘mom food?’