When Baby Meets Toddler: A New Sibling Story


When I gave birth to Harlow, the moment I was looking forward to most, was introducing her to our first daughter. I couldn’t wait to show Mazzy that the “baby” who lived in my belly button for nine months was a living breathing little girl we got to take home.

The moment was so special that I relinquished my job as family photographer and trusted everyone else in the room to capture it for me. I even made sure someone videotaped, but thanks to an excellent view of my underwear throughout the entire thing, I cannot share it with you.

What’s so bad about a hospital gown upshot, you wonder? Perhaps you don’t remember that after giving birth, you are given boy shorts made of gauze and told to stuff them with puppy pee pads.

But I digress…

Mazzy walked in wide-eyed with both hands pressed against her cheeks like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. Then she ran excitedly over to my bedside, stopping short just before she reached the baby.

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