When Co-Sleeping Stops Working

flickr | hobomama

As I talked about a few months ago, we started co-sleeping at our house because it was the only way we could get some sleep. Tate slept better and breastfeeding was a breeze. We had it good. Really good.

Then we made a cross-country move. While we were on the road, Tate slept better than I could have hoped. But then we settled in Texas. He started getting fidgety, waking for the first time earlier and earlier each night. At almost six-months-old, our little guy is waking up just 3 hours after we put him down and he is restless as can be for the rest of the night. From the time I bring him into bed, he eats what feels like every hour. Several times a week he wakes up before 5 wanting to be bounced and carried around the house. And I just don’t know what to do.

The whole reason we started to co-sleep was because everyone got more sleep. But now, no one is getting any rest. My husband’s sleep is disrupted and I am bumming around like an extra for The Walking Dead.

Did any of you go through something similar? If you have any advice, I will be forever grateful.

image: flickr | HoboMama

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