When Mama and Baby are Sick


It’s always when I think that I’ve got this whole motherhood thing down, that the universe throws me for a loop and brings me back down to reality. Every single person in our family is sick right now. There must be something going around because from the looks of my twitter and instagram feed, most of you or your kiddos are sick too.

Harlan has been sick since Sunday and I took her to Urgent Care only for them to tell me that it was a virus going around and that there was really nothing I could do. Fast forward to yesterday morning when I woke up to the loud hacking cough of Avery. It sounded just like the one that Harlan had started with just a few days before.

The girls play with each other so often, I guess it was only a matter of time for Avery to get sick as well. A couple hours into the morning, I started noticing that I had a sore throat and aches all over. I took my temperature to see that I had a low-grade fever. It looked like I had gotten what the girls had as well.

I’m usually okay taking care of both sick girls if I am well, but taking care of all three of us is quite the job. For the first time in my life, I had to muster up the strength and put aside just how sick I felt to take care of those two little girls. Avery wanted to be nursed almost all of the time and Harlan wanted to be cuddled. It wasn’t the worst thing to have both girls with me snuggled up, but they were very cranky from not feeling well (and I don’t blame them, because I knew exactly how they felt and it wasn’t good.)

This morning I woke up feeling even worse and Avery probably felt worse as well. She was very needy all day and just wanted to be held. Harlan is on the mend which helped tremendously because she could help me with little things around the apartment.

These past few days have surely tested my limits on just how much I can handle as a mother. When all I wanted to do was lay in bed and sleep, I had to think about the needs of my children before the needs of my own. But isn’t that what motherhood is all about?

I’ll definitely let you guys know what worked and what didn’t when trying to take care of myself and the girls. For now I’m off to sleep this sickness away!

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