When Old Things Become New Again

Rediscovering the playmat!

We live in a teeny tiny townhouse in Seattle, and for this reason I have tried very hard to get the bare minimum as far as baby “must-haves” go.  Even so, our living area is littered with playmats, jumperoos, baby swings, and all the other things we parents will do to entertain and soothe those mysterious little infants.

As babies grow and change, they also change their preferences for toys and things, and we moms shed a tear as pricey baby swings get sent to the garage after just a few months of use.

But recently I’ve noticed that Cullen has started using some of the old things I thought he’d outgrown, and I’m thrilled to be getting a little more for my money!

For the first 3-ish months of his life, our baby swing was a lifesaver.  He took all of his naps in it, and he’d sit and swing while we cooked and ate.  It was such a vital part of our routine that we actually had my in-laws buy a swing for us to use at Christmas!  But as Cullen has started rolling and scooting, he’s less willing to be confined and wants to be down on the ground more and more.  The swing has been collecting dust in the corner for quite some time.  Just as I was getting ready to disassemble it until baby #2 arrives (not even on the horizon right now), I popped him in it during a particularly cranky afternoon just to see what would happen.  And you know what?  He loved it!  He swang and chewed on toys for 30 minutes while I made lunch, and just like that our swing came back to life.

Just this morning, I pulled out the playmat that he’s shown no interest in for quite some time (actually really ever).  I assumed the playmat’s life was over as well (at least for this baby), but it turns out that the toys are well within his reach now, making the playmat much more fun than before.  He’s actually rolling around in it and batting at toys as I type this, and giving me a rare opportunity to work during the day.

Even though we have tried to keep it simple with the baby gear, I’d still like to make the most of what we have.  It’s nice to see that toys and swings may have second and third lives, as Cullen’s abilities and interests continue to adapt and change.