Where Are All the Workplace Mommy Bloggers?

Wanted: A workplace mom's perspective

There is no shortage of mommy bloggers in this world. We are here and we are mighty. There are thousands upon thousands of women who have found their voice in sharing the joy, struggles, and everything in between of raising children on the internet, but pick ten mommy blogs at random to read and you’ll notice something almost immediately – only one or two out of the bunch are written by women who work outside the home.

I am one of those women, and yes… I know we exist. I count several working mom bloggers as friends, but we are greatly outnumbered in the blogsphere. I really started to think about this when I went on maternity leave. I had arranged for a group of blogger friends (all of them mamas) to share a day in their life in words and photos on my blog. I’m always fascinated by the similarities and distinct difference in family dynamics and enjoy seeing how other women raise their children. But I kept getting a request from my readers “Where is the working mom’s perspective?” asked one. “I’d really  like to read one of these that follows a mom who doesn’t get to stay at home with her children” said another.

Huh. Even as a working mom myself, I’d never really thought of it. I did have a few working mother’s lined up to share a day in their lives, but the vast majority of some of my favorite mommy blogs are written by stay at home or work from home moms.

A month passed and a TV affiliate out of San Francisco contacted me. They were looking for a workplace mother to follow for a day for a story they were doing. I informed them I was no longer living in California and they asked me if I could recommend someone to them. I turned to Twitter and asked if any of my 4,000 plus followers were living in California, worked outside the home, and were interested in participating in a cool TV spot. I got one response. ONE!

I recently rejoined the workforce and posted my own Day in the Life post on my personal blog, Dear Baby. I wanted to share a little perspective on what an average morning and day looks like for me. (Basically, a lot of email & conference calls, a few texts home to check-in, and a pumping session in a locked conference room). The vast majority of my photo editing, blog writing, and other blog related engagements take place in the late evening after my children are asleep and my husband has passed out on the couch beside me. It’s a challenge to get it done most days, but it’s something I truly love and enjoy.

So why are we a minority? I’d blame it on available time – but I learned really quickly on my last three months of maternity leave that just because you are home with your children doesn’t mean you have time to blog. I found it almost more challenging to blog during my time off then I did when I was working 9-5 every day. The fact of the matter is that almost all moms are insanely busy with chock-full schedules – be they in the workplace or in the home.  And I know for a fact that moms who work outside the home are certainly reading blogs – So why aren’t they writing them?

I’m curious for your personal perspective on this topic.


Article Posted 5 years Ago
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