Where Does He Put it?!

Little Bean at Breakfast This Morning

Sometimes I wonder how such a little baby can eat so much food. I mean how big can an infant’s stomach possibly be?

Little Bean is just about 9 months. He eats more solids than drinks formula. Honestly, the kid won’t take much from a bottle and was weaned from the breast at 7 months. I mix formula into his solids and make sure he has fat and protein in most if not all of his meals, so I’m not that worried about it at this point. Plus, as you can see from our Baby Food Adventures, I’m all about variety. I love having him try new things and he has done really well with everything I’ve thrown at him.

This morning for breakfast he ate (and I’m not exaggerating here) 1 banana, 1/2 avocado, leftover jarred banana yogurt from yesterday, and some greek yogurt mixed with applesauce. Oh AND Cheerios that he fed himself.

His expressions are priceless!

I know Little Man! Shocking! I can’t believe it you ate that much either. Where did you put it all?