Where Is All My Hair Going?

Pretty soon I'm not going to have any left!

It seems like an eternity ago that I was reading pregnancy books and learning about all the different body changes I would experience.  I remember one of them mentioning that during my pregnancy my hair would become glossy and full and fabulous (which totally didn’t happen).  I also remember them mentioning that eventually that silky mane would fall out and return to normal.

I figured that by three months postpartum most of the body changes would be behind me, but apparently there are still a few more to go…

Just last week my hair has seriously started coming out in handfuls.  Our bathroom floor looks like a crime scene!  Every time I shampoo, blow dry, or even just brush my hair, I watch more and more of the strands hit the floor.  Even though I didn’t really think I my hair had filled in much during pregnancy, it still seems to be falling out rapidly.

I have since read that it’s normal to start losing hair right around the three-month mark, so it makes sense.  But if it doesn’t slow down soon I’m not going to have much left!  Until then I guess I’ll keep vacuuming every day and taking care of the strands that I have left.  Now if only I could get my son to stop yanking on the rest of it…


Image Source: Stock.xchng