Which Solid Food Do I Introduce First?


We start Avery on solids for the first time next week! I am so happy to have met my goal of exclusively breastfeeding Avery for the first six months. Although I would love to go longer only exclusively breastfeeding, I have noticed that Avery is very ready to start on solid foods.

She is grabbing nearly everything in sight and trying to put it in her mouth. I’ve noticed that she observes everyone at the table when we are eating dinner. If she’s sitting in my lap, she will try to grab the food off of my plate and put it in her mouth.

When I did the research on whether or not to wait until she was four months (as my pediatrician recommended) or six months(recommended by AAP and WHO) to introduce solids, I saw a lot of mentions of starting on fruits and vegetables and to skip rice cereal all together. I started my first daughter on rice cereal at four months only because my pediatrician recommended it. But from the research that I’ve done, it has said that rice cereal has no nutritional value. By six months they have a lower risk for food allergies and should be able to handle fruits and vegetables from the start.

So now that I know I am skipping all of the cereal all together and going straight to fruits and vegetables, I am curious as to what to start with. The internet has their list of suggestions as well as a debate on whether fruits or vegetables are the best as their first food. I do have a couple foods in mind that I would like to start with, but I would hate to start with something and then create a picky eater.

I plan on speaking to my pediatrician about it next week when we go for Avery’s well visit, but seeing as she suggested that I start rice cereal at four months for Avery, I have a feeling she is going to go more of the conventional route. I plan on making my own baby food, so my options are endless.

I’m curious, what was your little one’s first solid food? Any reason behind it?

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