Who Does Your Baby Look Like?


It is funny, spending 9 months wondering every minute of every day what your baby will look like.

Will she have my eyes? Will she have her father’s hair color? Or, will she look just like her brother?

When Kara was born with a head of beautiful black hair, people immediately said that she looked just like me. While I agree that she does look like me, I have found a striking resemblance to someone else in our family — my mom!

When Kara smiles, and she smiles a lot, I can really see my mother’s features on her face. I kept mentioning this resemblance to people, but I don’t think anyone really saw it until I did a side-by-side photo comparison of the two. Suddenly, everyone could see exactly how much Kara and my mom look alike!

I love the fact that I can see my mother’s face when I look at my little girl, and I can’t wait to see if she continues to resemble my mom as she grows into a little girl, and young woman.

When you had your baby, did you see a strong similarity to someone in your family?

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