Who Needs Teeth To Eat?

Who needs teeth to eat?
Who needs teeth to eat?

Zeke is nearly 9 months old and is toothless!

Not a single tooth in sight. He has been teething off and on for the last 5 months – but those chompers just refuse to break through!

Our first son, E was the same exact way. It was nearly a year before a tooth popped in, and like Zeke he mastered eating regardless of the tooth situation.

Ever since we introduced Zeke to solids at 6 months, it’s been a whole new world of tasting and feasting on whatever is within reach (hence the grabbing of his brother’s bacon in the photo!).

He’s our little foodie. Pancakes, pizza, crackers and even chicken (all cut up very small) all devoured sans teeth. We’ve only had a few mouth swipe incidents, and those were because of non-food objects such as barbie shoes and a leaf. Yes, a leaf – don’t ask.

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