Who's Your Baby's Favorite Human?

I can tell you right now that I am not Vivi’s favorite human. I think I would win the most functional human award given I am simply better at doing most things only because I am the one that does them most often thus making me far more efficient at things such as baths, diaper changes, booger picking and face wiping. However, given that she likes exactly none of the aforementioned things performed upon her I generally end up being the bearer of very bad news.

It’s cool. I know I’ll win her favor at some point, Addie thinks she could survive without her dad and that I am the end all be all when it comes to parenting, but just you wait, she’s going to be wanting her dad back much sooner than later.

There are days I even feel as though I am dropping in the baby’s favor even when compared to the cats, after all, no cat has ever had to wipe her nose.

Addie is by far Vivi’s favorite person to watch. If Vivi can hear Addie she must be able to SEE Addie, if she can’t she will twist, contort and squawk until Addie is in view. She really likes to watch her dance. I can only assume that Addie is wildly entertaining to Vivi because she is loud, colorful and a constant blur of motion and sound. The best part is that Addie never complains when we ask her to hang out with Vivi.

Cody is the real troublemaker. As soon as he walks in the door she wants to be in his arms or his direct line of sight. If she hears his voice she will demand to be pointed in his direction and that he not leave unless she is attached to him. Cody of course doesn’t complain, he loves that little baby more than he loves pie. His only problem is the big giant grin she gives him as he walks out the door for work, it’s like she knows how to manipulate him into feeling guilty about leaving.

“Look dad! I’M SO HAPPY AND FUN! You don’t want to leave now!”

Kills him every time he has to walk away from this face.

I’ll admit it was much harder when Addie played favorites. Here I was doing all the hard work and Cody got to be the fun one she always wanted to be around. In the end we each have our own little friendships and bonds, and while I wish Addie would want to hang out with Cody just a little bit more and that Vivi would think I was super cool for a day, we get along just fine.

Does your baby play favorites?


Article Posted 4 years Ago
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