Whose Baby Is This?


I woke up this morning with a full day of prepping for a shoot. In this case, I was more involved in set building/designing/styling than I usually am, so it was going to be a long day of building & painting. While packing my car, I thought, “Wait a second… what am I going to do with my baby?” How many times has this happened and I haven’t made previous arrangements for my girl? Maybe it’s the enormous loss of brain cells pregnancy blessed me with or maybe I’m too strung out with work.  But, since I hadn’t arranged for family to take her, I packed the car with her suitcase of essentials, baby bouncer, play mat, stroller + bassinet for sleeping, the pump (ew), and bottles in case I couldn’t pull away from set.

As I was running around barking orders to my unfortunate 3 slave assistants, I’m holding/feeding/burping/bouncing Evie-lou. Those who weren’t working on set kept dropping by wondering what the random sounds were. One guy said, “I thought I heard a cat in here!” (Evie has turned quite vocal the last 2 weeks.)

Clearly, Evie doesn’t belong on set.

I got lucky this time. In exchanging cars to carry even larger furniture back to the studio, my mom offered to take her.

Lucky Evie. Lucky me.

I guess you could say I still haven’t wrapped my head around scheduling my career around the baby -or, scheduling my baby around my career. I’ve gone through endless calendar apps, to-do lists and planners to get organized but I’m constantly forgetting that Evie can’t come with me everywhere. Do you juggle a career and baby? How do you do it?

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