Why I Have Stopped Nursing In Public


I am a big believer in breastfeeding. I am an even bigger believer in public breastfeeding. I was pretty confident in the fact that there was no reason to take the feeding to a private place. Until now.

It’s all fun and games nursing a little baby with nothing more on his mind than eating and sleeping, but it gets infinitely more complicated once the baby gets mobile and curious. If I do try to nurse my 11 month old anywhere but home with anyone around, he unlatches every 3 seconds. This is a problem, because contrary to popular belief, just because I nurse in public does not mean that I want everyone to see the goods.

Of course, I am lucky enough that Tate eats just about anything so when we are out and about I can usually feed him cheerios or apple sauce. But I have come full circle to the earliest days of nursing in public in which I scramble to the concealed corner or back room when it’s time to feed the babe.

Did you find it more difficult to nurse your older baby in public because they were too distracted to stay latched?

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