Why I Write About My Kid On The Internet


A recent post at Being Pregnant got me thinking about the different approaches parent bloggers take when it comes to how they talk about their children.

There is such a broad spectrum; from the pseudonym-using, non-picture showing variety to the tell all show all, over-sharer. I tend toward the over-sharing variety, I mean obviously I blog about my baby on a national parenting website. You all know his full name, his birthday, and you clearly know what he looks like. You know the basic area we live in, you know my name, my husband’s name. You know a lot, right? But this doesn’t freak me out in the slightest.

If I wanted to hold those items private, I never would have started blogging in the first place. The thought of blogging about my family while holding so many things back, feels a little disingenuous.

Then there is the “danger factor”. I take the safety of my family seriously, I just don’t feel like sharing these things will put me or my family in danger. Remember that statistically, a friend or relative is the most likely source of harm to a child. Now, that is creepy.

The reason I write about Tate and my family on the Internet is largely because I want other people to enjoy him. We moved our first baby 2,000 miles away from our families to an area where we didn’t know a soul. We have made some new friends, but, to me, it just isn’t the same. There are no impromptu get togethers and Sunday family dinners where our loved ones get to experience Tate. I just love that through this blog our friends and family as well as a whole bunch of strangers get to know our sweet baby.

How do you feel about sharing private family information on the Internet? Does your partner agree? If you blog about your kids, I would love to know how you handle it and why you do it?