Why In the WORLD Did I Want Him to Crawl?

He's Ready!

He’s into EVERYTHING! And I swear he gets faster by the minute. In a way I love the independence he has. I can put him down and watch him go. It’s fun, but it also adds a whole new dimension to parenting, especially with an older child at home who has lots of chocking hazards laying around.

Of course I’ll put him in the living room with lots of toys and what’s the first thing he does? B-line to kitchen and hardwood floor…

He seems to only want things I don’t want him to have.

It’s hysterical!

Hey Evan, here’s a safe age appropriate toy you can gnaw on. No, no, no you can’t have that plastic wrapper or wad of aluminum foil or glass full of water or sharp lead pencil or marble that will lodge in your through when you try to eat it. Seriously kid, why don’t you want this teether? Here’s a rattle! Don’t you like stuffed animals?